Neon Animal /Bring Back Rock 'n' Roll From The Dead /2017 | O Silo
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Neon Animal /Bring Back Rock ‘n’ Roll From The Dead /2017

released June 7, 2017
Neon Animal is:
Mark Thorn – Lead Vocals
Jonathan Gaglione – Bass & Backing Vocals
Iv K. Lizz – Drums
Miguel Martins – Guitar & Backing Vocals

Music by Neon Animal.
Words by Mark Thorn.
All performances by Neon Animal.
Rhythm guitar on track #1 by Mark Thorn.

Produced by Miguel Martins & Andrés Malta.
Recorded by Andrés Malta at “O Silo” Studios in Porto, pt.
Mixed by Miguel Martins.
Mastered by Andrés Malta.

Artwork by Joni Belaruski (

© 2017 by neon animal. all rights reserved.